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Dr. Alex Steinleitner leads you on your path to parenthood with the successful fertility program he has crafted over his 30 years in fertility medicine.

His program has core foundations focused on innovative medical care, education, careful diagnostic testing, and a personal relationship.

We create a personal relationship to offer you more than just infertility treatment. We want to provide an outstanding experience that you can remember for the rest of your life.

Our office usually approaches fertility care with the following steps:

Initial Consultation

We begin the journey to success at your first appointment where we learn about your medical and personal needs. The information we collect helps us devise a personalized plan that considers your financial, emotional, and fertility resources.

We believe that informed patients make the best choices. That’s why we begin the road to success by educating you on your infertility issues and the treatments and tests that may be available.

Dr. Steinleitner is just one of the master teachers in his family. At your initial consultation, he will exercise his family tradition and lead a detailed discussion with you on the issues contributing to your infertility and introduce you to potential diagnostic testing options. Your conversation will lead to his evaluation and plan for your treatment.

Diagnostic Testing

At the conclusion of your initial appointment, Dr. Steinleitner will lay out a list of the needed fertility diagnostic tests.

These tests will help us get a full understanding of your issues before we assemble a treatment plan.

We ask and you answer five essential questions to help us achieve this understanding:

  • Is your ovulation normal and do you have healthy eggs?
  • Does your male partner have fertility issues?
  • Do you have a healthy uterus and will it support a pregnancy?
  • Are your fallopian tubes health and free from damage?
  • Can your body accommodate fertilization of your own eggs and support the growth of a pregnancy?

Interesting fact: it is common for couples to experience subtle infertility problems that can’t be found through basic testing by your gynecologist. A few examples of these issues are male infertility even with normal sperm counts, endometriosis causing fallopian tubal scarring, and a uterus that is not receptive or ‘“sticky” enough to allow the embryo to attach for pregnancy.

Important Concept: these conditions each have the ability to lead to ongoing infertility issues and they cannot be diagnosed unless tested for.

If a diagnosis is missed and the wrong treatment is chosen, patients may continue to be unsuccessful for months or years.

We strive to have your testing complete and our questions answered within 4-6 weeks following your first appointment.

Decide on the Right Fertility Treatment

Decide on the Right Fertility Treatment

A solid diagnosis will allow us to create a unique treatment plan to address your infertility needs.

We aim to give you the highest chances of success while choosing the least invasive and least expensive treatment option.

Generally, we begin with the simplest appropriate level of technology and continue up the ladder until we have helped you bring home a baby.

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Since 1986, Dr. Steinleitner has performed thousands of advanced reproductive therapy procedures

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