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Use of low dosage fertility medications. The egg is fertilized and the embryo grows within your own body.

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Advanced IVF

A standard dose of fertility medication with conventional IVF. Produces more eggs, therefore, creates the highest chance of success.

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Simple IVF Centers is committed to providing a clear, inclusive pricing list to help assist our patients in choosing the right fertility center. We know that cost plays an important role in this decision, especially for families whose insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment.

Medications are not included as it is difficult to estimate cost. Cost of medications is dependent upon different patient factors.

Anesthesia is not included and costs should be paid directly to the service provider. The cost of anesthesia averages around $400.

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Mimimalist IVF technique Price
The INVO device allows sperm and egg to be cared for in your own body. A standard transfer moves the embryo to initiate a pregnancy $4,250
This treatment may be ideal for patients who are using donor semen or for women who would like the opportunity to nurture early embryo growth inside their own body.
Often used for infertility patients with mild issues.
Simple IVF and Advanced IVF offer higher expected success rates.

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Simple IVF

Low dose medications used for this optimized treatment Price
This protocol focuses on important IVF tools that experts have developed for over 30 years. Costs can be reduced by using less physician and embryologist time. $4,450
A low dosage of fertility medication is used to produce an expected six to fifteen eggs.
The embryo transfer procedure is completed at the 8-cell stage.
Young women and patients with less complicated diagnoses (tubal ligation, unexplained infertility) may benefit from this technique.

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Advanced IVF

Top-Notch IVF Treatment Price
This treatment offers the best success rate by using higher doses of fertility medications and a specialized laboratory technique known as the blastocyst culture. $5,850
Often times 15 to 30 eggs are produced, along with more embryos than those undergoing Simple IVF
Commonly used for patients who may require preimplantation genetic testing for gender selection, egg donation, gestational surrogacy, or treatment for severe male infertility with ICSI sperm microinjection.
Spare embryos for cryopreservation are more likely available

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Additional Services:

Frozen Embryo Transfer - $3200 + medication.