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At Simple IVF Centers, we believe that high quality fertility care should be accessible to all families. It is our mission of social justice and equality to help you bring home a baby.

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In an ideal world, every family would access to effective and affordable fertility care. Insurance plans often don’t cover IVF and many clinics charge fees ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. With overwhelming costs in their way, many couples feel parenthood is out of reach.

The most successful treatment for most infertility problems is in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF offers many families success rates that are five to ten times higher than the rate achieved with IUI, fertility medications, or other low tech treatments.

How We​ ​ Help You Start A Family

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Fertility Testing

Subtle fertility issues, often missed by gynecologists, can be discovered through fertility testing.



This simple, inexpensive procedure places processed and concentrated motile sperm directly into the uterine cavity. Although economical, this procedure has a considerably low success rate.



Many infertility problems are most effectively treated by IVF.

Genetic Testing

Genetic Selection & Testing

The healthiest embryos are selected for transfer through genetic testing. Couples may also select the gender of their baby through this testing.

Egg Donation

Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy

Woman of advanced maternal age and same-sex couples can be helped through “third party parenting” procedures.

Three Guidelines For Effective Fertility Care

Provide Affordable IVF Treatment: Our goal at Simple IVF Centers is to offer high-quality fertility care at a reduced cost. We want to create opportunities for success while considering each families’ emotional and financial resources. Simple IVF treatment offers magnificent success rates and is offered at half the cost of traditional IVF in most infertility centers.

Deliver Effective Care: The fertility medicine leaders at Simple IVF Centers use their 30 years of experience to implement high-quality treatment techniques. Through advanced IVF protocols and preimplantation genetic testing, our doctors devise a unique treatment plan based on your needs.

Offer Personal Care: We know that infertility treatment can be a stressful experience and we want to be there for you for every step of the way. Our high-quality medicine and advanced techniques are just as important to a successful treatment as our excellent team members who provide care with a personal touch.

“If you tell an average income family that they need a $17,000 procedure to become pregnant, you may have just them they cannot have kids. This is sad because often these problems are so easy to treat.”

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