PGT - Preimplantation Genetic Testing For Embryos

During PGT treatment, patients receive fertility medications in order to stimulate the ovaries to produce 6 to 30 eggs. A simple egg retrieval surgery collects the eggs that will be fertilized in a test tube. The magic will happen at the IVF laboratory where the embryos (fertilized eggs) are grown to the blastocyst stage (150 cell embryos) over 5 to 6 days.

A cell sample is collected from the embryo through a laser. The DNA of these 6 to 8 cells is analyzed in a specialized laboratory where scientist can determine genetic soundness and the sex of the embryo.

Compared to untested embryos, PGT’s ability to help us select the ‘right’ embryo for transfer offers the opportunity to quickly achieve a successful pregnancy. PGT also aids in increasing safety and reducing the number of twins by allowing the non-surgical transfer procedure of a single embryo.

Couples who hope to select a boy or girl can do so with a high degree of accuracy using PGT methods.

Improve IVF Success Rates with PGT

Pregnancy success rates can reach 70% when genetically normal embryos are selected for transfer by PGT screening. Two rounds of IVF without screening would cost significantly more than a single IVF treatment with PGT.

Sex Selection through PGT

IVF coupled with preimplantation genetic testing offers the best chances of conceiving a baby of your desired gender. When PGT is used for sex selection, studies show a 95% accuracy rate.

Although there are other systems for gender selection, such as sperm centrifugation, most reproductive specialists won’t offer this option due to poor accuracy. Experts suggest that using ‘sperm spinning’ methods like the Erickson Technique only produces the desired sex around 65% of the time.

PGT Cost

In the past, PGT for embryos was only available at a price of $4,000 to $6,000. This high cost put gender selection out of reach for most families. Our arrangement with a top genetics laboratory has allowed us to lower the cost of testing to just $400 per embryo. This affordable rate, along with our reduced-cost mini IVF program, gives many couples the opportunity to attempt sex selection.

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