INVOcell IVF at
Simple IVF Centers San Luis Obispo

Through INVOcell IVF, we are able to offer an advanced, yet simplified, IVF treatment at a third of the cost of traditional IVF.

Patients receiving INVO treatment take a low dosage of fertility medications for a period of 7 to 12 days. Their care is then monitored through two to three clinic visits. A minor office procedure allows eggs to be collected and mixed with semen inside the INVOcell device. The device is then placed inside the woman’s vagina for several days where fertilization and embryo growth can occur inside her body.

Two to five days after insertion, the INVOcell is removed and embryos are collected to be replaced inside the woman's uterus. The embryo is transferred through a standard, non-surgical transfer procedure.

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Start your path to parenthood with INVOcell for only $4,250 + Anesthesia!

INVOcell IVF doesn’t require extensive lab services and an operating room. That is why we can offer this treatment a reduced cost compared to traditional IVF procedures.

Research suggests that INVOcell IVF is a highly effective treatment for patients suffering from many infertility issues. Click on this link to view studies that show pregnancy success rates that are comparable to those achieved with conventional IVF treatments.

At our practice, INVOcell IVF requires fewer doctor’s visits and less fertility medication. Many of our patients appreciate being able to carry and nurture their own eggs. They also enjoy the benefits of the less physically taxing egg retrieval surgery.

INVO is a cost-effective option for many families who require advanced reproductive treatment but are halted by conventional IVF costs of $10,000 to $15,000.